Becky George

Becky George (for

Day Job

Chartered Accountant - partner in Bennett Jones & Co a small firm in Bodmin Cornwall

Role in Team LEJOG

Becky has a wealth of experience in crewing extreme endurance events. And even has specific experience of crewing for the challenge that I’m taking on, from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.

So she will have a hugely positive impact on the organisation, planning and execution of my challenge.

Becky also lives in Cornwall. So her knowledge of the area will mean we can take some quicker and easier routes!


Becky has been running for about 13 years and did her first ultra 12 years ago. In her younger years she was a competitive swimmer and held many Cornwall County records.

Becky has crewed for Mimi Anderson all around the world including her Jogle World Record, Top to Bottom of Ireland World Record, Double Badwater and Double Spartathlon.

Find Out More About Becky

You can read more about her on her company’s website.