Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper.jpg

Day Job

Brand Manager @ Monster Energy

Role in Team LEJOG

Ben’s one of my three best friends who ‘volunteered’ to be part of the support crew for the challenge itself. 

I'm hoping he's there for the entire challenge.

He'll be supporting me with food, drink and potentially changing my socks and shoes (although he doesn’t know that’s part of the role, yet). 

He’ll also be chief co-ordinator of the social activity that happens during the event itself.


Ben has over 9 years’ experience growing fashion and lifestyle brands including Animal and Monster Energy. 

And he’s amazingly talented if you stick a camera in his hands.

Make sure to follow his Instagram account for some mind-blowingly creative photos of the world!

Find Out More About Ben

Read more about Ben's work on his LinkedIn profile.

And follow Ben on Instagram- @bencooper87