Kerry Tibby

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Day Job

Sports Therarpist @ Massage by Design

Role in Team LEJOG

Kerry will play a crucially important role in keeping me feeling fit and healthy throughout the challenge.

She’ll be on call to provide me with massage when needed. Hopefully to prevent injuries happening. And not in reaction to injuries coming up.

She also has the very unglamorous role of being in charge of my feet!

So, a massive thank you to Kerry for coming on board!


Sports Therapy and rehabilitation has been Kerry’s passion for longer than she can remember; having spent many of her teenage years playing football for school and local clubs, along with various other sporting activities, she’s dealt with her fair share of injuries and know first-hand the importance of safe rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Kerry qualified in Sports Therapy in 2012 and began using her new skills and passion to volunteer for various events across the country such as London Marathon, The Moonwalk and Siemens Charity bike ride combined with furthering her education and treating family friends she was able to build up experience and get a better understanding of the industry.

This led to Massage By Design being established in 2017.

She is qualified in a wide range of corrective massage techniques from deep tissue to myofascial release. She aims to improve her clients’ overall well-being by helping them to understand and reconnect with their bodies to better prepare them in the healing process, whether that’s from injury or daily aches and pains.

Kerry’s client base ranges from youth footballers to experienced athletes and everything in between.

Kerry prides herself in not only treating her clients in a one-to-one setting but sending them away with more knowledge of what their body is telling them. Her aspiration is to build an education method to allow people to start listening to their bodies and taking the corrective steps to support recovery using various remedial methods and assistive exercises.

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